• Complete dryer vent system cleaning with state-of-art industrial H.E.P.A vacuum.

  • Deep clean lint trap.

  • Clean or replace flex duct. 

  • Inspect and clean exterior exhaust vent housing. 

  • Complete dryer vent system replacement, repair, and custom fabrication. 

  • Rodent guard installation.   

Duct Decontamination Services include:  

  •  Duct work Repair

  • Antimicrobial Sanitizing and deodorizing

  • Vent / register cleaning

Live Streaming:

Mold Inspection Services Include: (Virginia Board Certified) 

Dryer Vent Services Include:

  • Vent / register reconditioning or replacing

  • Vent / register boot sealing 

  • Filter replacement and consultation

Mold Remediation:

  • Bio-tape testing

  • Indoor air quality

  • Complete system inspection with State of the Art color video inspection camera 

  • Complete system cleaning (including main trunk, Return, air handler/blower) 

  • Complete duct system replacement 

Services We Offer

Mold Testing:

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Thermal Imaging:

Robotic Inspection Vehicle R.I.V. Services Include: 

  • Area Specific (AS) Mold Inspections 

  • Whole house Mold Inspections ​

  • Confined space inspection

  • HazMat space inspection

  • On-site video and still pictures

  • Rugged and reliable

Mold Abatement: